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YourEcoNinja™ - Reusable Double Sided Nano Tape

Forget about drilling and making holes in your walls!

Let us introduce you the strongest adhesive tape you are ever going to see and which will help you to fix your favorite paintings, pictures or furniture anywhere you want, in no time.

Let your creativity flow and shine!

What do you need to know about Your Eco Ninja's Nano tapes?

  • Made with nanotechnology with high tensile strength
  • Elastic and therefore easily removable without causing any damage
  • Reusable, washable and can be reused more than 600 times.
  • Transparent and water resistant
  • Can be used on any surface

How to use?

  1. Clean the surface you wish to use the tape on
  2. Cut a piece from the tape that has a suitable size for the item you wish to fix
  3. Glue it to the chosen surface and place the item on the tape
  4. If you wish to remove the tape, proceed slowly and carefully
  5. Wash is before you wish to use the very same piece of tape you previously fixed your stuffs with.

How to use and clean reusable tape gif


  • Washable, can be reused more than 600 times.
  • The gel super strong and washable and reusable Gel formula there are an infinite amount of potential uses.
  • It is easily removable and will not damage your walls or surfaces.
  • Double-sided adhesive and washable and reusable.
  • Keep items in place without slipping.
  • It is easily removable and will not damage your walls or surfaces.

Material: Nano PU Gel


  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Wideness: 30 mm
  • Length: 1m (3.28ft), 3m (9.84ft), 5m (16.40ft)

 Your Package will Included:

1 x Adhesive Tape