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YourEcoNinja™ - Reusable Metal Straws

Tired of using one time use only plastic straws? That takes more than 1,000 years to decompose on our beautiful planet. Then let's do a favor to our Earth and go plastic-free.
    The solution? YourEcoNinja - Reusable Metal Straws. Made with food grade material - 304 stainless steel. With this, you can not only eliminate the use of plastic and also make yourself headache free from buying plastic straws every now and then.
      YourEcoNinja - Reusable Metal Straws comes with 4 different variations:
        • Hybrid - One straight, one angled and one Boba bubble tea / smoothie straw.
        • Mixed - One straight and one angled.
        • Straight - Only straight straws (no big rocket science there)
        • Angled - Only angled straws.
        All the straw packages include a brush to keep the straw clean from inside and use it again and again.